Suffolk Rape Crisis first opened in 2010 as a single phone line in a porter cabin on the grounds of St. Clements hospital.  Nowadays, we employ a number of office staff, counsellors and a growing team of amazing volunteers, and are proud to offer a range of services throughout Suffolk for people who have been affected by sexual violence:

  • Our free, confidential helpline, which is now open twice per week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Female survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual violence aged 14+ can call up to once per session for advice or emotional support. If you are supporting a friend or loved one who has experienced rape or abuse, you can also call us for advice and support.
  • Our counselling service, which provides survivors with free, high-quality face to face counselling for up to 25 weeks. We offer counselling at number of discreet locations across Suffolk, supporting survivors in Ipswich, Bury St. Edmunds, Lowestoft and Brandon.
  • If you would like counselling and your case is currently being investigated by police or going to court, we can offer Pre-Trial Therapy which is specially designed for survivors who are involved with the criminal justice system.

People of all genders, circumstances and backgrounds have the right to live their lives free of the threat of sexual violence or abuse, and prevention work and outreach is hugely important to achieving this.

We work within the local community to fight stigma, banish victim-blaming and raise awareness about sexual violence.

We are also available to visit local schools to deliver consent training which was designed by Rape Crisis England and Wales for a range of age groups.